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One of the oldest co-operating partner of Hungaroring is the Széchenyi István University of Győr, whose students visit our race track a few times a year to offer them a glimpse behind the scenes. They have the opportunity to ride on the Formula-1 asphalt as well as in the Driving Centre in order to get a practical picture of the science they learn in theory. Engineers of the fields of vehicle and traffic design may get a practical experience at us.
An even older relationship exists between Hungaroring and the Szent István University of Gödöllő in which we participated in the event called The Night of Scientists, giving a performance by bicycle, car and motorbike and the audience has the opportunity to try the seat-belt simulator as well.
The Developer Team of the University also enters the Shell Eco Marathon which aims to encourage the students to design ultra-energy saving vehicles – which can be tested at our race track in a safe environment.
Save, save. This is what we hear all the time, and is also a valid target in road traffic. Especially if it is possible without any special effort, simply following a few good advice – for example given by the instructors of Groupama Driving Centre at Hungaroring. Instead of approaching the question from very far and talking about hybrid cars or specially designed fuel saver engines or electric cars, we offer a more handy solution. At our Driving Centre we give you practical advice for road users concerning achieving maximum performance of the car while protecting the environment. 
Our company has this aim in focus during its daily operations...
Artificial lake: water walls and sprinkles that are used in the Driving Centre are supplied from an artificial lake, thus minimizing the use of drinking water and saving the environment.
Water cleaners installed on taps: three-fold cleaning (physical, chemical, biological) results in no waste water, but it is not distilled water. We do not use plastic cups, nor plastic bottles, still have unlimited access to clean water, even in carbonated version.
... and of course we keep it in focus in our external activities as well.
At our courses we place great emphasis on fuel saving, which, besides being purse-friendly also significantly reduces the emission of harmful substances. 
Today’s modern vehicles are equipped with more and more efficient engines, in line with EU regulations. Reduced emission and lower fuel consumption go hand in hand. The question is increasingly whether the driver is able to make use of the car’s potential. For it is possible to get from A to B within the same time with a six and a half litre consumption as well as with five or five and a half litre. And this is a spectacular difference.
How to achieve it?
With practice and experience gained during a test drive.
In our training the average is a 5-12 per cent reduction in fuel consumption – with this in mind it may be worth to calculate what it means in a family with one or two cars or in a company with 20-800 vehicles. 
The future begins at us.
In co-operation with Nissan Sales CEE Kft we have installed two electric recharge stations at Hungaroring. Thanks to this we can provide driving technique courses for environmentally friendly electric cars as well, in order to promote accident prevention in this yet narrow but ever growing segment.

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