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Terms and Conditions

According to the regulations in place as of now spectators can visit the European Truck Racing Championship with the following conditions:

Hungarian citizens who are protected against the coronavirus can visit the event. This protection can be proved by showing the immunity certificate (if asked an official document like driving license or ID card needs to be shown together with the immunity certificate). Minors under the age of 18 can visit the event if they are accompanied with a protected adult. In case of minors over 6, the age can be verified with an ID card, passport, driving license or student card.

Non-Hungarian citizens with foreign immunity certificate can visit the event from the following countries according to the international agreements: Albania, Bahrain, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Republic of Northern Macedonia, Georgia, Croatia, Morocco, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Ukraine.The list of these countries may change, for the newest information please visit Citizens from other countries which are not listed can visit the event upon showing a valid ticket and a negative PCR test result in Hungarian or English at the time of entry. The PCR test result needs to be issued not earlier than 72 hours before the time of entering the Hungaroring.

Non-Hungarian citizens who do not have the above-mentioned immunity certificate can enter the country if they have a valid ticket to the 2021 FORMULA 1 MAGYAR NAGYDÍJ together with a negative PCR test result in Hungarian or English within 3 days of entering Hungary. These documents need to be shown at the border and upon entering. Upon entry, the arriving person may be subject to a body temperature measurement. If the person is not able to present the listed documents or the examination shows a possible infection the entry to Hungary can be refused. Citizens with the accepted foreign immunity certificate can enter Hungary without any additional conditions or restrictions.

It is important that these are the regulations in place right now, which may change until the date of the event. The conditions for visitors will be updated continuously according to the regulations.

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