Tradition and innovation

Hungaroring Sport Zrt. is proud of the values and traditions built up over the more than three decades of the circuit's history, and of the fact that the Hungaroring is alive, in motion and constantly evolving.


The medium- and long-term strategic goal of the Company is to strengthen its role in the national economy, thereby enhancing Hungary's international image and contributing to the implementation of the National Tourism Strategy by boosting tourism.

The main pillars of the strategy are:

The organisation of international competitions (which will give visibility, prestige and a significant audience to the circuit).

Effective use of the racetrack and its infrastructure (sporting and other "corporate" events, track rentals).

Social involvement in line with the Company's status and mission, both towards the participants in the races and towards the surrounding municipalities and population.


In addition to the development objectives, it is equally important to continuously improve the organisational culture and to strengthen integrity, as Hungaroring Sport Zrt. employs only 24 permanent staff. This number swells several hundredfold during the big international races, which is why it is essential that the team functions smoothly, with seamless cooperation and trust between the different areas, since the organisation of Formula 1 races requires quick decisions that affect the work of all the different disciplines.

The continuous development of cooperation and coordination is also supported by team-building training and joint programmes outside working hours to help staff get to know each other better and work together more effectively.


The Company builds on its tradition and therefore places a high priority on building long-term, reliable and fair business relationships with its business partners. It is part of a traditional value system that rejects corruption. Morally responsible behaviour, closely linked to fairness and transparency, regular monitoring and continuous risk assessment, is a cornerstone of the Company's success.

Hungaroring Sport Zrt. is committed to fighting and rejecting corruption, thus protecting the results of its own work and its most valuable asset, its integrity, both domestically and in connection with international events worldwide.


Formula 1 is an attraction. The fact that the Hungarian Grand Prix is the third in a series of races that have hosted the most F1 races in a row is of particular value. 

Formula 1 races are subject to royalties in all the host countries, but they bring in a lot of tourists and huge revenue for the country, not to mention the fact that the Hungarian Grand Prix weekend is not only a weekend where the sights of our track but also of our capital are shown on television, so it is also very important for the image of the country. 

Drivers and teams love this race because of its proximity to the capital, and fans love it because they can combine the pleasant with the "pleasant", i.e. the race with a holiday.  According to studies, the Hungarian Grand Prix contributes HUF 17.4 billion to GDP annually and generates HUF 7.5 billion in tax and contribution revenue. The live coverage of the race is watched by 69 million people worldwide, representing a media value of HUF 5.3 billion. The last Hungarian Grand Prix was the subject of 10854 articles in the written press in which Hungary was mentioned. 

In terms of viewer numbers, the record for the last few years was set in 2013, when a total of 247,000 spectators watched the race over the four days (38,000 attended the Thursday pit lane visit). In 2019, 230,000 people were on the track for three days, and by the beginning of April 2022, we could put up the "Full" sign, because there was not a single free ticket left for Sunday.

Visitors - both Hungarians and foreigners - can also visit the Hungaroring outside the race weekends for a behind-the-scenes look. They can walk where the F1 drivers walk, take a photo on the podium, visit the park of statues commemorating the world champions and the race control room where the big decisions are made.