Social responsibility

Road Safety
Safety and prevention. These are the two keywords of the mission that Hungaroring Sport Zrt. is pursuing in society through its subsidiary Groupama Garancia Driving Center, the main elements of which include improving road safety, educating children to drive consciously and promoting environmental awareness. For years, our training course has played a key role in the road safety education of Hungarian motorists. Our social involvement and commitment is primarily focused on safety and prevention, and (as mentioned above) we also support sportsmen and women who have achieved outstanding results in motor sport, which have brought glory to our country at both national and international level, and who can therefore serve as role models for young people. Doing for children. To ensure that they get home from school in the safest possible conditions, for example, so that they are aware of the basic rules and etiquette of the road. This "mission" has always been very important for Hungaroring and the Driving Center. The managers of our Formula 1 circuit believe that they can do a lot for children's safety with their joint, complex traffic programmes - the programme is called Miniring and the children learn the basics of traffic in a playful way with the help of a qualified traffic educator during the camps and courses. Of course, we know that to achieve our goals, it is essential to involve schools, nurseries and teachers, without whom our safe transport programmes would not be as effective. The goal is set, our programmes are in place, now it is just a matter of getting them to as many groups of children as possible.