Race Taxi

Sit back and enjoy the speed as a passanger

Would you like to experience how the racing drivers go, what they feel in a corner, where the narrow margin is between safety and off-track movement? If so, Race Taxi is for you. Going around the Hungaroring is an unforgettable experience in itself, but to do it by sitting next to an experienced and fast racing driver in a real sport car can give you even more. Did you enjoy the spectacular images of the Taxi movie series? Relive it by yourself now.

This programme is organised once a month on average, mostly on weekdays, from May till September.

Hungaroring Sport Zrt. reserves the right to change the dates!


• On-site registration is necessary for participating at the programme.

• Only people above 18 can participate at the programme.

• Participants under alcoholic influence or under the influence of any psychotropic drugs are not allowed to enter the track.

• Participants must follow the organizers’ and stewards’ regulations and instructions in all circumstances.

Program details

We welcome our guests for the Race Taxi programme at a date agreed in advance. Only the driver and a passenger are allowed to be in the car during the program.

Please check the validity of the date on our website 48 hours prior to the event. Race control may cancel the event in case of adverse weather conditions anytime. If the repair works due to possible accident last too long, some participants’ may not have time for their turn. In both cases the cancellation of the voucher or requesting a new date is possible. The validity of the vouchers cannot be prolonged and also cannot be redeemed except the two cases detailed herein.

This programme is organised once a month on average, mostly on weekdays, from April till October.

Voucher Registration

You can register on our website or at the email address indicated on the voucher, at least 30 days before the expiry date of the voucher. Emails must be answered within 36 hours by the contractor running the programme. If you do not receive a reply to sales@hungaroring.hu, please let us know and attach a copy of the email you sent.