Together for a better future

Sustainability is also becoming more and more important in Formula 1, although for the time being we are not talking about commitments but rather recommendations to move the series and the tracks towards sustainability. Supportive ideas are being put in place by race organisers to help implement this, for example, by not using single-use plastic plates and cutlery in the paddock - and by trying to do the same in the spectator areas. 

The Hungaroring also supports the initiative: last year we introduced a repo-box service and now collect waste selectively. The track also has a framework for noise control - which it tries to comply with in all circumstances. 

In 2021, unlike in the past, public transport will no longer be provided by buses: the vast majority of fans will arrive by HÉV, and will be transported from the stops to the Hungaroring gate by bus only. We will also set up bike storage so that those who want to come to the races by bike can find their way. 

Our volunteering programme is also part of our sustainability efforts: we are giving Hungarian citizens the opportunity to get involved in the Hungarian Grand Prix - supporting a section of the population that may not be able to buy a ticket but would like to attend the F1 race.