UAV regulation

Using a remote controlled flying device (e.g. a drone)

For safety and legal reasons, the use of any remote-controlled flying device (e.g. drone), or bringing or flying of such devices onto the area of the Hungaroring Racetrack is strictly prohibited.

In case of violation of the above prohibition, the security staff employed by HUNGARORING Sport Zrt. is obliged to call upon the offender to immediately cease the prohibited activity. In the event of failure to do so, the security personnel shall be entitled to ensure the immediate removal of the remote-controlled flying device from the Hungaroring Racetrack.

In the interests of the safety of the Hungaroring competitions, please comply with the above regulations.

HUNGARORING Sport Zrt. shall not be liable for any damages of any kind resulting from the use or removal of the remote-controlled flying device. Liability for any damage arising shall be borne solely and without limitation by the person who commits the offence. Any claims of third parties against HUNGARORING Sport Zrt. arising from the use of the remote-controlled flying device shall be enforced by HUNGARORING Sport Zrt. against the violators of the above provision in the context of legal proceedings.