Andrea Rost will sing the National Anthem before the Hungarian Grand Prix

Andrea Rost, the opera singer, who is known all over the world, will sing the National Anthem before the Hungarian Grand Prix on Sunday. In the paddock of the Hungaroring, the renowned artist admitted that she was a huge fan of motorsport and speed.

"McLaren is my favourite team," she said, adding that as her whole family being Formula 1 fans, she was delighted to be asked to sing the anthem. And she is no stranger to motorsport, proved by the fact that for her 60th birthday this year she was given a Supercar Tour as a present, so she could join a team being on the road with Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Mercedes and Porsches.

As for the anthem, which is expected to be played to hundred thousand of people onsite and tens of millions in front of the TV screens, Andrea Rost said: "It will be an exhilarating feeling to sing before the start of the Hungarian GP, to watch the grandstand and the drivers - and although everyone knows the anthem, like every other performance, it was a time for practice," she admitted, adding that if asked who she would get behind the wheel of a two-seater F1 car, she would choose Sebastian Vettel, who has announced his retirement, so it would definitely be the last time for him.