How to get to the Formula 1 Magyar Nagydíj by public transport!

Environment friendly, simple and cheap – anyone can get to the Formula 1 Magyar Nagydíj by train (HÉV) and bus to cheer their favourite driver, because this year’s race is to be held with fans again.
Public transport was always popular among the fans, and although there are some changes this year, access to the Hungaroring has become even easier. The fans get on the train at Őrs vezér tér and travel to Kerepes, where free-of-charge Volán buses take them to Gate 3 of the Hungaroring.
“Sustainability and environment protection have been in focus both in F1 for years and motorsport, and Hungaroring has joined this initiative” said Zsolt Gyulay, CEO of the Hungaroring Sport Zrt. “It includes waste separation and reusable cup, and certainly public transport, too. We have chosen the train and bus combination, because we think it is an easier way to get to the Hungaroring, and it also serves sustainability.”
H8 train will have modified timetable for the weekend of the Formula 1 Magyar Nagydíj (from 30 July to 1 August).
We recommend you to buy all tickets in advance to avoid crowded mass before boarding.
How does it work? Buy a 72-hours travel card at any of the BKK ticket vending machine in and around Budapest. It will be valid for the entire weekend within the boundary of Budapest. You need to buy a suburban railway extension ticket from Ilonatelep to Mogyoród (10 km – 250 HUF) for each trip, 6 altogether for the weekend.
The travel card and HÉV extension ticket can be purchased via BKK and MÁV applications as well. For Volán buses no additional ticket is required.