Most of the grandstand tickets sold out, extra grandstands at the Hungaroring

The Hungaroring will build new grandstands, as most of the seats for the Hungarian Grand Prix to be held on 31st July have been sold by the beginning of January!
There are still a limited number of tickets available for the Supergold and Gold4 grandstands, but the other grandstands are sold out, so the Hungaroring management has decided to set up additional grandstands between Bronze 1 and Bronze 2, Silver 1 and Silver 2 (to be called Grid grandstand) and in Turn 14 before the finish line (Silver 6). It means the number of seats will increase by around 5,000.
"In 2019 on Saturday evening we could practically announce sold out, no grandstand tickets remained for Sunday, we could sell only general admission tickets for race day," recalled Zsolt Gyulay, CEO of Hungaroring Sport Zrt. “In that year, 230,000 people visited the Hungarian Grand Prix over the four days of the event, and on Sunday 92,000 fans watched the race at the Hungaroring. Now, the interest is just as high, so due to the high demand we have decided to add additional grandstands again. The Verstappen-Hamilton rivalry of last year, which was fought to the limit, generated huge interest towards Formula 1, and now we believe that we can even outnumber the attendance figures of 2019."
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