Public transport during the Hungarian GP

Formula 1 Qatar Airways Hungarian Grand Prix will be held between 21-23 July, and this year's event is a huge success, with all tickets for Sunday's race sold out last December. Under the agreement with the Hungaroring, the MÁV-VOLÁN Group is preparing for the three-day race to make the journey to and from the track as smooth as possible: the MÁV-START Gödöllő services will be operated with KISS and FLIRT motor trains, the MÁV-HÉV services will be supplemented with more coaches, and Volánbusz will operate free special buses. In order to facilitate ticket exchange, fixed-price one-way or return tickets will also be introduced on the relevant regular services of MÁV-START, MÁV-HÉV and Volánbusz.

All further details can be found here.