Sport Signage joins the BEESandAPPLE initiative to bring fields of wildflowers and sustainability to the world of Formula One

Austrian conservation project BEESandAPPLE welcomes its new partner Wagner Sport Signage GmbH. The cooperation aims – quite literally – to let the world of Formula One blossom. Fields of wildflowers blooming along the Grand Prix circuits across Europe and around the world will provide new habitats for bees and create awareness among the fans for the issues of sustainability and wildlife conservation. The Hungaroring racetrack is the first Grand Prix partner for this unique initiative. Making its debut at the Hungarian Grand Prix, the initiative’s first flowering meadow will be located in the infield of the racetrack.
Sebastian Vettel, by the way, is the first present-day driver who is committed to the BEESandAPPLE initiative as an official ambassador. In the Austrian town of Zeltweg, the German race car driver from the Aston Martin F1 team built a one-of-a-kind “bee hotel” shaped like a Formula One race car.
Manfred Hohensinner is managing director of the Frutura Group, the originator of the BEESandAPPLE project: “We wanted to launch a project that would transcend borders and unite society. That became possible through the partnership with Sport Signage and the Hungaroring as our Grand Prix partner. Formula One is known for having a particularly intense relationship with its fans, and this passion can help bring about a change in the way people think. At the same time, every Grand Prix race is an international sporting event capable of providing a platform for bees all over the world. I would like to thank the Hungaroring for the opportunity to use this incredible stage in the interests of nature and to introduce the BEESandAPPLE initiative.”
Bernd Wagner, CEO of Sport Signage: “We are so pleased to be part of the BEESandAPPLE initiative, a mutually beneficial partnership. Sustainability and responsible stewardship of natural resources are the prime focus of our actions. We consider this project to be an outstanding opportunity to spread both this message and the wildflower seeds on our travels around the world. Ultimately, without bees, there would be no life – we have to be aware of our responsibility in this respect!”
Ariane Frank-Meulenbelt, Vice President of Hungaroring Sport Zrt.: “Spanning 130 hectares, our racetrack is Hungary’s biggest sports venue. It is situated in a beautiful natural landscape, so we have always believed strongly in protecting the forest in the infield. Now, we are happy to also have fields of wildflowers for the bees, and we will ensure that we are able to offer bees an oasis of peace in the hectic world of motorsport.”
Sebastian Vettel: “Formula One racing and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive. We need to be bold enough to tread new paths if we want to deal with future challenges. I don’t want to merely enjoy the here and now; I also want to take responsibility and lead a sustainable life. I am supporting the BEESandAPPLE project because I believe that everyone can make a contribution.”