Vettel as witness of the proposal at the Hungaroring

They met on the same day 4 years ago at the Hungaroring. They both arrived to the autograph session, both are huge F1 and Vettel fans. Dániel Koronczi planned the proposal for Thursday, but since the Pit Lane Walk was cancelled due to the pandemic situation this year, he chose the Main Entrance of the Hungaroring as a venue. His girlfriend (now fiancée), Veronika Matyó had no clue about it. She did not even get suspicious when they met Vettel at the airport and Daniel gave him an envelope asking him to read it on that day.
There was an invitation in the envelope. An invitation for the proposal.
And the evening came.
Hundreds of people were waiting for their favourite drivers passing by at the Main Entrance of the Hungaroring. Though at the selfie-point something different was going to happen, something that happens once in a lifetime. Dániel did not think (although he hoped) that Vettel would accept the invitation, so he kneed down and popped the question to Veronika some minutes before half past seven.
They were so moved, they hardly realised that somebody wearing a green mask was coming by riding an electric scooter.
“Wasn’t it planned for 7.30?” Vettel asked smiling, and gave the young couple a hand-written letter with his best wishes. It was hard to decide whether the groom or bride was more moved, but a photo was taken with Vettel. It is surely a lifetime experience.