2024 Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix



When will I receive my ticket?

Tickets are expected to be sent out in July by gpticketshop, during the weeks before the race in the form of an e-Ticket to the email address provided upon ordering.

Does the ticket come with a lanyard?

No, tickets do not come with a lanyard.

Do I have to print the ticket or is it enough to show it on my phone?

If your phone has a screen with the appropriate resolution, you can present the ticket on. However, for smooth entry, it is advised to bring a printed ticket, too.

Can I cancel my ticket and get a refund?

On the basis of Section 29(1)(l) of Government Decree No 45/2014 of 26 February 2014, the Customer may not exercise their right of cancellation or termination if the Ticket for the Event is for a specific date and time or deadline. In this case, the Service Provider will not be able to either redeem the Ticket or refund the value of the purchase - unless the Event is cancelled.


How will I get to the Hungaroring?

Information and details about transport and access will be found on our website under the given menu point in the weeks before the race weekend.


What will the exact conditions of attendance be?

Exact attendance conditions can be found on our website under the menu item provided.

Can I bring an umbrella to protect me from the sun or rain?

Umbrellas can be brought into the Hungaroring area, however they are not allowed in the grandstands, we recommend the use of raincoats. 

Can I bring a big sun umbrella?

Big sun umbrellas are not allowed in the Hungaroring area.

Can I bring a flag?

Yes, flags may be brought into the Hungaroring (only plastic flagpoles allowed). However, if they are used in a way that endangers the safety of others or the event, they will be confiscated.

Can I pay by card at the spectator stands?

Yes, payment by credit card is possible at all vendors.

Can I pay in Euros at the spectator stands?

Yes, it is possible to pay with Euros at the vendors.

Can I bring a camping or fishing chair?

It is not allowed to bring any type of chair into the Hungaroring area.

Can I bring a baby carriage? What is recommended if bringing children?

Yes, strollers are allowed. When arriving with a child, we advise having a wristband with a phone number of a parent on it. We highly recommend ear protection for children due to the high levels of noise.

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