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Ostermann Forma 1 Kft.

Forma 1 Club

Technical Driving Centre
In 1998, Hungaroring Sport Corporation and Ostermann Forma-1 Ltd. founded jointly the Technical Driving Center, occupying an area of 5 ha in the inner area of Hungaroring Forma-1 racetrack at Mogyoród, sharing the ownership in a proportion of 50-50%. The company have assisted in the establishment of Driving Centre providing various benefits for its clients for years. Since April 2003, our leading market company gave its name to this institution haven proven its qualities and efficiency several times.
Customers can practice and learn the right driving techniques to be applied under the various weather conditions and dangerous traffic situations in the safe environment of the training track. After some theoretic instructions, customers can try out their cars' capabilities and their own driving abilities. Experiences show that this training type may help not only in avoiding our own driving failures, but also in protecting us against failures of other drivers.
The benefits enjoyed by our policy-holder costumers participating in the courses arranged by Technical Driving Centre amount to 15% for passenger cars and 10% for lorries.

ORFK - OBB (Országos Baleset-megelőzési Bizottság)

Hungarian National Ambulance and Emergency Service
In Hungary, the lack of special emergency departments in hospitals has resulted in the evolution of a highly skilled and well equipped ambulance service, which seeks to provide emergency medical care at the site of the accident.
The Hungarian National Ambulance and Emergency Service (HNAES) was established in 1948 and since then it is responsible for rescue and transportation all over the country. The ground rescue has been expanded by air ambulance facilities. For the time being 203 ambulance stations have been set up. 19 regional dispatch centers as well as the central dispatch center in Budapest are receiving the calls through the unified call number 104.

Herendi Porcelain Manufactory Ltd.
Formula 1TM Magyar Nagydíj official prize supplier
Herend Porcelain — Beauty and value for 180 years
Herend Porcelain is a name that is well established throughout the world. Its admirers and collectors have included countless monarchs, statesmen, celebrities, bankers and business chiefs. For Herend it is more than a brand – it has epitomized beauty, quality and value for 180 years.
Choosing Herend Porcelain is a pleasant and exciting task, but it’s not a simple one. There are about 15,000 forms and over 4000 décors in the catalogue, ready to apply in table services, decorative articles, or even figures. Only the imagination sets the limits to how a product can be, because Herend’s master craftsmen and craftswomen do they very best to meet individual demands. There are 450 painters and 250 throwers at the manufactory, ready to meet clients’ requirements and fulfil their dreams.
"Manufactory", by the way, is a very specific term in the porcelain industry. This is one of Europe’s oldest surviving porcelain manufactories, where modelling, throwing, shaping and decorating are all done by hand. That means every piece is individually crafted, which adds to the exclusiveness of Herend Porcelain.
This huge craft input also means there will never be a problem with replacements for incomplete services. And it ensures that where it is sold, in more than 50 countries in the world, Herend is a synonym for individuality, artistic execution, perfection and luxury.

Magyar Turizmus Zrt. (Hungarian National Tourism Office)
We are delighted that you have chosen Hungary, our homeland, as your destination.
This is the country...
...which boasts one of the world's most beautiful capital cities:  Budapest, the "Pearl of the Danube", whose wonderful panorama is on UNESCO's World Heritage list,
...where, despite repeated historical disasters which devastated both the people and their heritage, much remains of great value that is worth visiting and getting to know,
...where 2000-year-old Roman ruins and 400-year-old Turkish monuments can be found side-by-side, not to mention beautiful churches from the Romanesque period in Ják, Lébényszentmiklós, and Pannonhalma, or one-time stately castles in Eger, Sümeg, and Siklós,
...where magnificent palaces functioning as hotels await tourists in Szirák, Seregélyes, and Nagycenk, to mention only the most famous,
...where Lake Balaton is located, Central Europe's largest lake, providing a natural paradise for families with small children,
...where hundreds of therapeutic mineral springs gush up from the depths, helping thousands of people to recover their health,
...where the rich Hungarian folk art and the horse shows which introduce the lifestyle and traditions of the "puszta" (Great Hungarian Plain) attract tens of thousands.
And there's something else that keeps bringing visitors back to us - the legendary Hungarian hospitality.
More information on the site of Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Republic of Hungary.
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