Formula-1 is an attraction. At the moment there are countries fighting for the right to host a world championship run, this is why it is an especially great value that the Hungarian Grand Prix is the third in the line of the most traditional venues of F1.

To host a Formula-1 run each country must pay copy right fee but it means a lot of tourists and huge revenues for the given country, not to mention that during the weekend of the Hungarian Grand Prix not only our race track but the attractions of Budapest also appear on international television broadcasts, meaning it is a very important event considering country image. Competitors and teams love this race partly because of the proximity of the capital – just like the fans who can combine fun with „fun” the race with holiday. 

According to studies, the Hungarian Grand Prix contributes a HUF 17,4 billion to the national GDP, generating a HUF 7,5 billion in taxes. Live coverage of the run is viewed by an audience of 69 million people worldwide meaning HUF 5,3 billion value in media. Considering the last Hungarian Grand Prix there were 10,854 articles in the printed press mentioning Hungary.

As for the viewing data in the past years 2013 was the record year when during the four days (Thursday pit lane walk with 38 thousand visitors) altogether 247 thousand spectators came to witness the race. Last year we had 169 thousand visitors during the three days (22 thousand on Thursday). Visitors, both Hungarian and international, visit Hungaroring beyond Grand Prix weekend too where they get a glimpse behind the scenes. They can walk where the F-1 people walk, take photos on the podium, visit the statue park commemorating the champions and Race Control where the big decisions are made.

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