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Open day for bikes

From this year you can register for the open days on a new platform.

The first step is to make an account here: link vagy gomb
After the sign in you can register for the open days. In your account under your profile you can find the actual and previous registrations, here you can also resign your registration if you can’t attend the open day.


From this year the following requirements will be added to the conditions for participating at the open days:

  • Before going to the track at every open day, the motorbikes have to go through scrutineering, where the technical conditions and the noise level of the motorbikes will be checked.
  • Only motorbikes in good technical condition can participate during the open days.
  • Only motorbikes with the specified noise level according to the 6/1990. (IV.12.) KöHÉM legal regulation 3. appendix can participate during the open days (
  • Participants can register for the sessions the after a successful scrutineering.

During the program the technical conditions and the noise level of some motorbikes will be checked again. We advise all participants to use dB killer during the open days.

The organization of the open bike days from this year:

  • After the morning sessions during the lunch break the Riders will be re-grouped based on the timekeeping results.
  • There will be 3x5 sessions in the following categories: Bronze (over 2:15), Silver (between 2:05 and 2:15), Gold (under 2:05).
  • Transponder is mandatory (fee: 1.500 HUF/day).
  • The Beginner session (90 min) at the end of the day stays in the schedule.

If you find it difficult to experience the limits of your vehicle and your skills on four wheels, than on two wheels it will be even more so. However we provide opportunity on Hungaroring. Participants of the Motorbike Open Days can test their riding skills in a safe environment, far from the public roads. Riders will be assigned to groups based on their skills and speed. In one group maximum 40 riders may take to the grid.

Next open day: 2019 september 12nd
Registration opens: 2019 september 10th 10:00
Meet us at the racing circuit!

Downloadable documents:

Directions of usage & instructions for participation at the event


Hungaroring Sport Plc. reserves the right to change these dates!
Open day for bikes
5x20 min 30 000 HUF
1x90 min (beginner) 20 000 HUF

Additional information:

Security Information

Please note, that you must wear appropriate protective equipment when entering the track.

Please see below the regulation on this:

1. Participation at a programme for motorbikers is only possible in:

  • complete leather riding suit in intact condition, no wear and tear, and with protectors in place
  • closed helmet
  • biker gloves and boots

2. No cameras are allowed on the bikers' helmet or body. Cameras may be attached to motorbikes.

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