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Open day for cars


According to the regulations in force from now on Immunity Card is not compulsory for participating at Open Days. It applies for family members, mechanics and all staff members as well.

Have you ever dreamt of driving on the track, where Hamilton, Vettel or Norbert Michelisz, WTCR Champion did before? Have you thought of driving along the famous chicane of the Hungaroring or pushing along the final straight? Anyone can do it on our track days, indeed, in safe conditions. 


The program takes place in 20-minute rounds with a maximum of 20 cars on the track in a round, but the organizer reserves the right to change this number at any time. The cars are divided into two categories. Category 1 is for cars under 150 HP, while Category 2 is for cars above 150 HP or sport types. For first time participants  we recommend to choose Category 1 regardless the performance of the car.

Each person entering the track must have a driving license, which has to be presented during the on-site registration is mandatory. People under 18 are not allowed in cars entering the race track.

The programme will take place once a month on average in 2021, mostly on weekdays. 

Next open day for cars: 2022 spring

Registration opens:

Hungaroring Sport Zrt. reserves the right to change the date!

Conditions of participation

On-site registration is necessary for participating at the programme, participants must present the filled and signed liability statement and the driving licence. Participants can enter the track according to the timetable and the group scheduling.

  • Vehicles with MNASZ manuals or constructed cars are not allowed to participate during open days.
  • Participants under alcoholic influence or under the influence of any psychotropic drugs are not allowed to enter the track.
  • Only cars in perfect mechanical conditions can enter the race track.
  • The vehicles must be equipped with a tow eye, or the driver must present it to the marshals before entering the race track. In the absence of a tow eye the vehicle is not allowed to enter the track.
  • Helmet is mandatory in case of soft covered cars.
  • Driving crossways or drifting is strictly forbidden!
  • Drivers must follow the organizers’ and stewards’ regulations and instructions in all circumstances.

Full documentation containing the terms and conditions of participation is available here: Terms and conditions of open day for cars

Noise emission, scrutineering

Vehicles must participate at a scrutineering before entering the track, where technical condition and noise emission are checked. Cars exceeding 105 dB of noise emission are not allowed to enter the track. On-site registration may take place provided the vehicle has passed the scrutineering. We have nonstop noise measuring during the programme, and Hungaroring Sport Zrt. may exclude vehicles exceeding the maximum level of noise emission.


You can register for the open days on this platform. The first step is to make an account here:

Online - Registration

And after log in you can register for the open days. In your account you can find your current and previous registrations under your profile. Here you can cancel your booking, in case something prevents you from coming to the programme. Registrations can be cancelled up to 48 hours before the start of the programme.

Participation fee

Open day for cars
1x20 min 13 000 HUF
2x20 min 26 000 HUF
3x20 min 39 000 HUF
4x20 min 52 000 HUF
5x20 min 65 000 HUF

Payment terms

From 2021 the open day registration for cars is only possible with prepayment. Registrations can be cancelled up to 48 hours before the start of the programme. Payment terms and conditions can be found on the registration platform.

Using a voucher

Purchased vouchers can be used for open days after registration and log in during the payment process.


Liability statement
Terms and conditions
Information map

Further information:

See you on the race track.

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