Super Racing Weekend


Open day for cars

These open days for drivers provide excellent opportunity to experience the attraction of speed with their own cars in a safe environment – and to test their driving skills. Is it really that easy to take that turn as it seemed on TV through the cameras of Formula-1? From corner to corner the opportunity is given to discover the Hungarian Formula-1 track, getting better lap by lap, increasing the speed.
Use of the track is normally allowed from 9 am to 6 pm in 20-minute rounds, divided into groups of 20, following the instructions of the organizers. The order of use is determined based on the number of participants and the performance of their cars.
Please carefully read the rules and conditions of the Car Open Day in the downloadable documents.
You can register for the open days on a new platform. The first step is to make an account here:

After the sign in you can register for the open days. In your account under your profile you can find the actual and previous registrations, here you can also resign your registration if you can’t attend the open day.
Next open day:  2020 march 14th Postponed
Registration opens: 2020 march 7th 10:00

Meet us at the racing circuit!

Downloadable documents:


The vehicle must be equipped with at least a front drawbar eye (towing eye). Using the race track under the age of 18 (even as passanger) is not allowed.

This programme is organised once a month, mostly on weekdays.
Hungaroring Sport Plc. reserves the right to change these dates!
Open day for cars
1x20 min 12 000 HUF
2x20 min 22 000 HUF
5x20 min 50 000 HUF

Additional information:

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