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Happy birthday, Nelson Piquet!

2020. August 17. 09:46

Three-time World Champion Nelson Piquet turns 68 today. His name is linked to the F1 Hungarian GP, since he wrote history by winning the first two race at the Hungaroring in Mogyoród.

He started karting at the age of 14 under the name of Piket to hide his French origin (he was born into a rich family, his father was the Minister of Health in Brazil).

His talent was soon revealed, and Bernie Ecclestone, future Head of Formula 1, who also scouted him, helped him to debut in F1 in 1978. Later Piquet claimed three World Championship titles, two as a driver of Brabham and one as of Williams. 

Piquet has still been a popular character in F1 paddock, due to his honest and sarcastic personality he always enlivening the strict and disciplined world of Formula 1.

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