super racing festival
super racing festival


Norbi Kiss believes he will race at the Hungaroring this year

2020. April 24. 10:08

At the beginning of the week, while sitting next to the race truck in the garage, they realised they should have had to pack in for the season opener at the Hungaroring. It was a heart-breaking moment, because they were looking forward to the home race so much. But they still believe that it will happen later this year.

Racing at the Hungaroring is a great pleasure for the two-time European truck racing champion, because he can meet his fans there, and they always inspire him to achieve great results before home crowd.

‘In the past few years there was nothing to compare to Super Racing Festival, originally scheduled for 25-26 April. I am sorry we cannot have it now, but there was no other option in the current situation, only to postpone it as in case of every public event’ Norbert Kiss said. ‘However, I do hope that at least the European Truck Racing Championship event will take place at around the end of the summer or in the second half of the year. Logistically, it may work, because we will race nearby in September.’

The teams are continuously liaising with the international promoter. It already turned out that one event was cancelled, the race at the Nürburgring will not happen this year, because in Germany no public events are allowed to take place until the end of August, and the calendar is very busy in the autumn. Furthermore, this is an event focusing on the local spectators, so they will not take the risk of organizing it at the wrong time.

‘Yet we have a lot of things to do, because we will launch a new project this year. We planned to hold a press conference a month ago, but fortunately it could not happen’ Norbi Kiss continued. ‘I would not tell more details about it, but the point is that I will race in a newly-formed Hungarian team with a technique aspiring for the European championship title. Now we try to use the time we have won to prepare the truck as accurately as we can and build in all of our ideas. At the moment we do not have testing opportunity, but we hope that it will change soon, because we want to start the first race as prepared as possible, whenever it may take place.’

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