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Vivien Keszthelyi as advisor at the special women’s training on 8 March

2020. March 08. 20:29

Just women… There was a special driving training at the Groupama technical driving centre on Sunday, where Vivien Keszthelyi, one of the most well-known woman racer of the country helped the participants as an advisor.

The traditional training of the International Women’s Day was organized by the Driving Centre together with Pest County Accident Prevention Committee. It was no different a normal training, 30 participants in three groups had the chance to prove themselves, improve their knowledge and get to know the limit of their cars in safe conditions.

‘I am pleased to see that so many women have come to this special training. It shows that more and more women consider it important to take the well-known women consciousness on board in road traffic and road safety, too’ Júlia Gazsi, Managing Director of Tanpálya, Deputy CEO of Hungaroring Sport Zrt. ‘There is no better way to spend the precious self-time than completing a driving training. Men think that a woman who drives well is sexy, but I would say that a woman who drives well and safe, is even sexier.’

Three tracks were involved at the training, where the women including rookies, new drivers and returnees, first tried to settle with emergency braking, then started to push their limit and get to know their cars.

The most exciting test was the ‘pull-pad’ for everyone that threw the back of the car, and the drivers had to keep the balance on the resin imitating icy and snowy conditions.

Some hands got shaky, others tried to handle the pressure by having fun. However, it is sure that everyone left the track smiling and having gained important experiences. Mostly thanks to, besides the instructors of the technical driving centre, Vivien Keszthely, professional racer, who helped the participants with some pieces of advice.

‘It was very interesting to see that the girls learnt really quickly, they improved lap by lap, while trying to carry out the instructions’ said Vivien Keszthelyi, who studied at the Audi Sport Racing Academy. ‘Technical driving trainings are very useful, and I think everyone must complete it before getting their driving licence, so that they would be aware of their ability and the limit of their cars. Every time I get a new car from my sponsors, I come here to see where its limits are, which is very important from road safety aspect. At the end of the training the girls confirmed that many things took them by surprise during the morning, and they all learnt a lot.’

Having finished the training the participants made some photos with Vivien Keszthelyi, who is looking forward to the upcoming season, but the details are not yet confirmed.

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