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WTCR Esport with Michelisz at the virtual Hungaroring

2020. March 25. 09:10

WTCR organizes a 4-round Esport series that starts at the virtual Hungaroring featuring real WTCR-drivers. Each event includes 2 races and the champion is awarded by a Tag Heuer watch.

Simracers will have the chance to compete with the best WTCR drivers in the pre-season warmup. The time attack for the first event starts tonight.

WTCR promoter, Eurosport Events and long-term esport partner RaceRoom have launched the series with real WTCR drivers competing in each event including the current King of WTCR, Norbert Michelisz.

It’s important to notice that the official WTCR online championship due to begin later this year, the 4-event series is only a prelude because of the late start of the real WTCR season due to the current international situation.

In Hungary everyone knows well that Norbert Michelisz was originally a gamer, and his fellow Hungarian, Gábor Wéber recommended him for a test at the Hungaroring in 2005. Despite being a total rookie, Michelisz eneded up only 0.2s slower than Wéber in a Zengő Motorsport Renault Clio. After winning the WTCR title in 2019 in a Hyundai i30 N TCR, Michelisz said:

’A bit more than 10 years ago I was sitting at home dreaming about driving a racing car. But in our [family’s] position, at 18 I realised that probably I was not going to make it. But then I was invited for a test when I was 21. It was the first time for me driving a racing car because of my gaming results. Year by year I managed to climb a bit higher. Even coming from Hungary to get a works seat was something unbelievable, let alone winning races and being in a position to fight for a world title on two occasions.’


Schedule of the Hungaroring event in the pre-season Esport WTCR series:

Time attack starts: 17h00 CET, 25 March

Qualifying ends: 21h00 CET, 31 March

Multiplayer race live: 19h30 CET, 6 April


Registration is free and entry information is available here:

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