Be a volunteer at the biggest motorsport event of the year!




Information for arriving spectators

Your task is to provide information for the spectators at the outside area (entry points, luggage lockers, etc.)


Your task is to support the quick and problem free entry of the spectators. You can help the security with your language skills and the foreign spectators with information.

Information desk

Providing information about the event at the designated information desks in the spectator area.

Activities for spectators

Overseeing sustainability activities in the FanZones in the spectator area and providing information for spectators.

Information service

Providing information about the event, guiding the fans and giving out maps at the spectator area.

Public transportation

Providing information and help spectators who use the public transportation.

Information office

Providing assistance and information to the fans at the Information Office.

*The tasks to be carried out during the event depend on the schedule, volunteers are not assigned to every task.



1. registration on the webpage 2. video interview in the second round 3. contract after selection

We are continuously selecting our volunteers, so when we reach the required number of volunteers, we will close the application page.

Applications will be processed on an ongoing basis, and feedback will be sent on all applications by the end of June at the latest.

Refresh your volunteer information in your profile and check the application box before saving the updated profile.

After logging into you profile you can revoke your application.

You can apply to be a Volunteer if you are of age 18 or older.

You can get to the location with your own vehicle, by public transportation or by other organized transportation about which we will be able to provide more information later on.

No, we cannot refund your travel expenses.

If we choose you, you will receive the contract by email.

You will get your schedule latest at the on-site registration.

If you can come at least two days out of three (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), you can apply to be a volunteer. It is important that the briefing event on Thursday before the race weekend is mandatory in order to be a volunteer.

We will try our best to create a schedule that allows you to go to the activity areas or see some of the races, but it is not primary to us either.

If you are vegetarian/vegan/food intolerant, you can inform us during your interview. Based on that information we can provide you the meals you need.

The volunteers get an employee pass. In case of breaking the contract, we will block the code, and you won’t be able to work or participate as spectator during our events.

Personal documents (EU insurance card, ID, address card), appropriate clothing for the weather - sun cream, mosquito repellent, bottle, hat, closed shoes, phone, charger.

A certification can be issued after the signed contract with the school.

There are no financial benefits of volunteering.

We provide meals and a T-Shirt.

You can apply after registration on the website.

If you have any problems with the registration, please contact us at

Yes, EU citizens can apply to volunteer, unfortunately we cannot accept non-EU applicants as volunteers.

If you haven’t been selected as a volunteer last time or haven’t consented to storaging your data, we deleted your data and profile in accordance with the regulations. Please register again.

On average, we are expecting volunteers to help 6 hours a day. The breaks are not included.

We welcome every languages, however Hungarian or English is a must to be able to communicate with the Coordinators.

Important terms

A person who voluntarily offers to perform voluntary service regularly or occasionally, in their home country/state or abroad for the common good without receiving money or getting paid for it.

Host Organization
The organization that has been entrusted with the coordination of volunteers. The host organization is in contractual status with the volunteers.

A person who is responsible for the coordination and administration of volunteers.

The professional leader of volunteers, who gives concrete tasks and instructions to the volunteers.


We would like to thank everyone for the special interest, unfortunately we are not able to accept more applications.


+36 28 444 444

2146 Mogyoród, Hungaroring út 10.